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Editing Files with iLovePDF: A Quick and Easy Tutorial

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While working online, you will inevitably encounter scenarios where you need to modify files and images, add information, etc. Documentation is part of every job. When all your tasks are performed on a computer, it is even more crucial than usual.

In such situations, you will need a tool to help you be more efficient and error-free. It is also good that the software provides all required functionality in one place to easily switch from task to task. Here comes the role of online editors, especially PDF ones. I am introducing the tool iLovePDF which I regularly use and found to be one of the most useful.

What is iLovePDF?

This is a website that provides users with the option to transform their files in many different ways. Their list of services is vast (over 20), and you can see that when you check their homepage. Some of them, to mention a few are: merging PDF, spitting PDF, editing PDF, converting JPG to PDF and vice versa, converting Excel to PDF and vice versa, and so on.

For example, you can add some notes on a PDF, all done online. You can download and use your file after editing the chosen task.

Is iLovePDF Safe to Use?

According to the popular scam checker Scamadviser, the website gets the following score:

Screenshot of Scamadviser's trustscore rating

The tool has a procedure to protect your files online - they delete them within 2 hours and use end-to-end encryption to save confidential information from exposure. You don't need to worry about your date being stolen as the measure they take are pretty enough to ensure security.

How can I use the tool?

You can access iLovePDF through your browser, which is the quickest option, or install their desktop or mobile app. They support both Mac and Windows. If you prefer using your smartphone, iOS and Android are fine.

iLovePDF App for Windows

In all cases, the interface is similar, and once you get used to the tool, you can switch quickly from mobile to desktop and vice versa. Once you open the app or the website through your browser, you will see a list of options to select from and pick the one you need.

What features does iLovePDF have?

Merge PDF

This option lets you merge several PDF files into a single document in the desired order. The merging feature comes in handy when you need to send a single file but want to include combined information from several sources. It's especially great for businesses or freelancers who work with large amounts of documentation and send many emails daily.

Split PDF

Splitting is the opposite of merging and allows you to have separate files from a multi-page document in cases where not all information is required. You can separate a single page or several pages according to your preferences.

Compress PDF

This feature is excellent when you have a size limit for your files, as it will allow you to reduce the size of a file by preserving the best quality possible. It is helpful in cases where you have limited storage or just need to optimize space.

PDF to Word (and vice versa)

By converting PDF files into Word, you will be able to easily edit your files. DOC and DOCX are supported, and the conversion accuracy is nearly perfect. This type of file transformation has been a big issue, and many people manually did such conversions by retyping. Now most of the heavy lifting is done automatically.

If you want to protect your files from being modified, then Word to PDF conversion would be a great option. This is also one of the features iLovePDF offers.

PDF to PowerPoint (and vice versa)

It is a great feature to transform a non-editable PDF into a PowerPoint presentation with slides you can edit. The tool supports both PPT and PPTX file extensions according to your needs.

You can also opt for the opposite conversion - from PowePoint to PDF if you need to save your presentation in a secure format. As with the previous feature, the extensions PPT and PPTX are acceptable.

PDF to Excel (and vice versa)

This function will do the job if you must convert your data into a table format. All you need to do is upload your PDF file and then wait for the end of the conversion. Once complete, your file downloads automatically for you into your default folder.

The opposite conversion is when you need your Excel data to be protected from editing, and you can then safely send it by email or any other way.

Edit PDF

This is my favorite, as it allows notes to be added to a PDF file. These can be different sizes, fonts, and colors, and you can add images, shapes, etc. It is very convenient for people who need to keep the PDF format but add additional information.

PDF to JPG (and vice versa)

If you need the JPG format for any task but have your file saved as PDF, you can quickly convert it to the required file type. It's common to encounter websites online that only allow you to upload JPG. In this case, the feature will prove helpful to you.

The opposite is also true - if you are allowed to upload only PDF, but you have a JPG photo of the particular file, you must convert it first. There are some situations when this option would help you solve your issue with the file format.

All these features are the most common ones iLovePDF offers, but this is only part of the list. You can find the complete set of capabilities on their home page.

Overall, iLovePDF's file conversion features are robust and easy to use. Whether you need to convert a single or batch of files, iLovePDF makes the process simple and straightforward. With the conversion process taken care of, you can spend more time focusing on other tasks you have in mind.


  1. iLovePDF sounds like such a convenient tool to use. Your steps make it very easy to follow! Thank you for sharing!


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