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Mystery Shopper Jobs: How to Get Started

Прочети на Български ==> Read in English (US) In this article, we'll review an underestimated job position, namely mystery shopper jobs. We'll review the basics and then take a look at some companies providing work for freelancers. Working online can take many various forms. You can practice different professions , jobs, tasks, etc. The limit is your imagination. Whatever you think of, it's possible to find on the Internet. Having said that, there is a job that used to be completed mainly offline, and now as online sales rapidly start to grow, the need for mystery shoppers has increased. Mystery Shopper Jobs: Remote Offer to Shop Online for Free What Are Mystery Shopper Jobs? Why is There a Need for Mystery Shoppers? What are the Responsibilities of a Mystery Shopper? Which Companies Provide Mystery Shopper Jobs? Secret Shopper HS Brands Global Upwork IntelliShop Market Force What is the Payment? What are the Benefits to You? Q&

Is Upwork a Good Place to Find Work?

Прочети на Български ==> Read in English (US) In this post, I'd like to provide you the answer to the question: Is Upwork a good place to find work? We'll take a look at using Upwork as a beginner, setting up your profile, and what to expect overall. If you are new to freelancing, you will wonder where the best place to start is. At this point, your clients still don't know you, and you need to start building your credibility. The first thing you need to do is to find a marketplace or a job board where you can create a profile to get more visibility. Your name and services should be available for potential customers to search and learn about your professional experience. Is Upwork a Good Place to Find Work? What Is Upwork? Using Upwork for Beginners How to Find Jobs? How to Apply? What Are Connects? Where Do I Get Connects from? When Will I Land My First Job on Upwork? Conclusion One of these marketplaces, which is significant for

Remote Work Gadgets and Accessories: Enhancing Your Home Office

Прочети на Български ==> Read in English (US) When you start working from home, you will realize you need a dedicated space in your flat to perform your daily tasks. A routine and specifically equipped corner for work can massively improve your concentration and productivity . Imagine you get up in the morning and need to find where your things are. You start looking for them, becoming increasingly frustrated at the whole situation because if you can't find important documents, you can't complete your tasks. Remote Work Gadgets and Accessories for Your Home Office Setup Noise-Canceling Headset An Extra Monitor Why Would You Need an Extra Monitor? Ergonomic Office Chair Web Camera Office Lamp Conclusion The same happens with remote work. If you can keep a home-office setup that feels organized, that will speed up your experience in work. Buying quality products and accessories for your place is a time and energy-saving investment. This is

Freelancer vs Business Owner: An In-Depth 11-Point Comparison

Прочети на Български ==> Read in English (US) After we compared the difference between freelancing and an office job , it is time to jump in and make a similar comparison with having your own business. Both freelancing and running a business are very similar in many ways. They both provide freedom to a certain extent and flexibility depending on work availability and urgency. Freelancer vs. Business Owner Comparison Comparison No. 1: Level of Independence Comparison No. 2: Time Off and Vacations Comparison No. 3: Opportunities to Grow Comparison No. 4: Personal life Comparison No. 5: Financial Situation Comparison No. 6: Who sets the rules? Comparison No. 7: Keeping Deadlines Comparison No. 8: Risk Involved Comparison No. 9: Legal differences Comparison No. 10: Confidence in Communication Comparison No. 11: Who do you work with? Conclusion Learning about your options is imperative before deciding which way to go. Do you want more i

Asana Guide: Tips and Tricks to Enhance Productivity

Прочети на Български ==> Read in English (US) In this post, we will present to you a detailed Asana guide to get you started with this project management software. It's a nifty app that will increase your productivity and help you advance in your career. If you are a freelancer working on different ventures, you will manage all the information coming your way. Working on several projects simultaneously can be exhausting and requires organizational skills. At some point, you may need additional help to keep doing tasks at the right time and have clear goals and assignments with a set deadline. That's where this app comes into place. Asana Guide: A Great Project Management Tool for Freelancers What is Asana? Asana powers businesses by organizing work in one connected space. More than 100,000 paying organizations and millions of teams worldwide use Asana to focus on the work that counts. ~ Asana's official website This is project management software with functi

Digital Nomad Essentials: 5 Must-Have Devices

Прочети на Български ==> Read in English (US) In this post, we'll review some of the most popular digital nomad essentials that you need to take care of when you jump into this type of work. Working from home has its advantages, but it also places demands on people who want to engage in the telecommuting lifestyle. You have the flexibility to work from any location, but that only applies to those willing to do so . Online jobs require equipment and devices to improve productivity. In this post, I want to introduce you to the equipment you need to get better results and grow professionally as a freelancer. Digital Nomad Essentials: Best Devices for Remote Work Why Do I Need Digital Nomad Essentials? Portable Charger What to Consider When Choosing a Portable Charger? Waterproof Cell Phone Case Phone Fan A Display with Better LCD Brightness A Faster Laptop Conclusion Why Do I Need Digital Nomad Essentials? Remote jobs are the alternative

Productivity Expectations vs Reality while Working Remotely

Прочети на Български ==> Read in English (US) In this post, we are going to explore the productivity expectations vs reality in the context of remote work and what happens when you actually start working afar. As access to the Internet is spreading in more locations and becoming affordable, work-from-home possibilities have become pretty natural. The so-called "online jobs" are on the rise. Productivity Expectations vs Reality while Working Online Expectation #1: Increased Productivity Reality of Remote Work Productivity Expectation #2: Flexibility Reality of Flexibility while Working Remotely Expectation #3: Reduced Expenses Reality of Home Job Expenses Expectation #4: Freedom Reality of Freedom in Remote Jobs Expectation #5: Better Work-Life Balance Reality of Work-Life Balance in Virtual Jobs Let's look at the following situation How about this situatio

Discovering Similar Websites to Upwork: Your Ultimate Guide

Прочети на Български ==> Read in English (US) Are you looking for similar websites to Upwork? In this list, we'll explore which platforms you can use instead for your job search.  In my previous post, I discussed the various job types one can do online. Now it's time to move our journey further and dive deep into the exact places to find virtual jobs. The easiest way to start if you are new to freelancing is by using a job platform. Discovering Similar Websites to Upwork: Your Ultimate Guide to Alternative Freelance Platforms Job Boards Meaning A job platform or a job board is a website that lists jobs in different categories. They are uploaded by businesses or employers looking for workers. People interested in finding a job can browse these websites to find and apply for the most suitable position for them. How Do Job Boards Work? Having many different opportunities in one place simplifies finding a job for a fre
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