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Remote Jobs: Easy Money by Taking Surveys

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Becoming a survey taker is an excellent opportunity for you to earn money and let your creativity be rewarded. You can share your honest opinion on different products and services when you take surveys. This means you will receive cash or gift incentives depending on the survey type you take.

In this article, we will discuss the earning opportunity of online surveys. Online surveys are a great way to make money online. You can earn by completing online surveys or referring friends and family members to take surveys. We will discuss both of these methods in this post.

How Do You Make Money With Online Surveys?

You earn money by completing an online survey sent to you directly in your email inbox. Usually, such emails contain a link, the name of the company requesting it, a short description of the topic, and the amount to be earned. You can then have the option to accept or reject it. If you plan to participate regularly, responding to most surveys is best, as this will give you the experience needed to excel. If you don't have the chance to do so, then an option is to ignore the email instead of rejecting it.

How Do You Make Money By Referring Friends And Family Members To Take Surveys?

If you have friends or family members willing to take surveys in exchange for money, you can refer them to sign up for some sites that pay people for their opinions! In exchange for gaining another survey taker to the website, you will be rewarded with additional points/cash. You get a certain earning for every person you refer, and as soon as you reach the withdrawal amount, you can transfer it to your payment account. The way to refer a friend is by sending them a unique link provided by the survey website, and as soon as they register and start completing surveys, your share will be added.

What kinds of questions do the surveys ask?

Depending on the survey, you can get many types of questions to answer. The most common form of the survey asks the respondent to provide their opinion about a product/brand/service using scales, multiple-choice, open-ended, single-answer, and more. The best companies for online polls have a team dedicated to checking if questions are easy to understand and answer, if they have any errors, and to ensure the best experience for the user.

Companies That Offer Online Surveys

The companies that provide surveys as a remote work opportunity are marketing research companies or are cooperating with marketing agencies. The point is to collect the opinions of a selected target group of people, which then is used to analyze and improve the products or services of the client. This benefits both parties because the survey creator learns more about the buyers' preferences and can provide a better experience for the products or services they offer. The worker earns for sharing this opinion, and it also makes him/her feel valuable for being asked to provide it.

There are many companies out there. Here are some of them:

        — Swagbucks

        — InboxDollars

        — Survey Junkie

        — MOBROG

        — Talk Online Panel

        — e-Research Global

        — YouGov

How Much Do Online Surveys Pay?

The amount you earn depends on how long the survey is and how many questions it asks. Some surveys pay as little as $0.10 per survey, while others provide as much as $5 per survey. The range can vary depending on the website you sign up with, but the average amount per survey is $1 - $2. In most cases, rewards are sent through PayPal, vouchers, gift cards, and prepaid cards.

If you are looking for a steady income stream, you may have better options because completing each survey takes time and only sometimes pays well. However, if you like taking surveys because they are exciting and fun, this is a great way to make some extra cash while doing so!

What Companies Pay More for Online Surveys?

The rewards are not fixed as surveys are various, and they are tied to your profile with the agency. Sometimes you will not be approved to participate because you need to fit the target group requested by the client. My advice is to sign up for as many opportunities as possible and check which one provides the most surveys and the highest rates.

It is also difficult to calculate the exact rate due to the time required to participate and fill in the entire questionnaire. If you follow an average speed (which you should), a task can take 2 - 30 minutes. Keep in mind that if you speed up through the questions, you might get thrown out of the survey as the system is automatically detecting people who try to answer without reading!

the hand of a man pointing to a survey with three options: smiling face, neutral face and unhappy face

It's best to provide honest opinions after familiarizing yourself with the topic and the exact question/set of answers. This behavior will increase your credibility and ensure you get better-paid surveys delivered to your inbox.

Beware of the minimum payout

Even if you completed several surveys for a company and your participation with them is in good standing, you will need to collect a certain minimum amount before you can request to withdraw your earnings. This is particularly important for people planning to use the survey panels less often. You must participate more times to acquire the necessary sum to receive payment.

Companies do that to ensure their payout expenses are optimized, and they would not have to issue payments unnecessarily often. It is also in favor of the worker to have a higher minimum limit because this leads to fewer fees for him/her.

Another widespread practice is to receive points instead of actual money, which the user can then exchange for a reward from a specified list of options. Some surveys would pay with a product instead of cash, and you can request it using your collected points. Points are used in terms of a unique website currency.

a survey form and the text remote job easy money by taking online surveys by

Accepting an opportunity to take surveys in the comfort of your home is rewarding. However, at this point, such offers cannot provide a full-time income. It is an additional stream of money that will take a little of your time.

Happy surveying, and remember to have fun!


  1. I actually do the YouGov one, although it takes a long time to get enough points to cash out. Which is a problem with a lot of these questionnaire platforms


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