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Online Jobs: Boost Your Income on Fiverr

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When it comes to freelancing, there are several paths a person can take. It is a broad field with many different opportunities for a person to choose from.

Whether you offer your work and creativity or simply want to participate in a project with set requirements, working on your own terms would be satisfactory.

The more complicated way to monetize your work experience is by founding your own company and running a business.

This goes with the highest income you could get and the potential to grow practically limitless. The bad news is that the risk is very high, as turning a business venture into a success would require quite a lot of time, effort, knowledge, and money.

I want to introduce a company that came on the scene relatively recently, in 2010. Since then, its growth has been mind-blowing as it provides the solutions to real-life problems we face daily (whether as freelancers or business owners). This company is called Fiverr.

Something From Nothing

~ Fiverr slogan

To lower and minimize the risk and provide a platform for freelancers to get in touch with their customers, many companies created "gigs" to make the whole process easier for both parties. One of them, Fiverr, is thriving and the most prominent website for such services.

How to use Fiverr as a Freelancer?

The first step is to go to the Fiverr website and create an account as a seller. This action will give you access to the right tools you need to get started. During registration, you will be asked questions about yourself/your company and what services you can sell to clients.

It is essential to complete all information as thoroughly as possible to ensure you are trustworthy. Eventually, this would lead to more customers and jobs. Sound professional in your descriptions, and it will pay off.

Image by Fiverr

What are the benefits?

1. Flexibility

Freelancing can help you spend more time with loved ones allowing you to manage your time how it's convenient for you. Organize your schedule to fit enough work to cover all your needs, and make separate time for hobbies, friends, relatives, and holidays. You don't need to adjust your timing with colleagues or managers as you will be your boss.

2. Variety

The gigs system gives more room for being creative as you might end up doing a variety of the same tasks for different clients. You have insurance against boredom as you will encounter diverse scenarios and issues to solve. Your brain will keep developing and get used to the dynamics.

3. Plenty of customers

Since you will be registered in a platform, the customers will use this same website (Fiverr) to contact you. Many jobs are available, and all have their audience and potential clients. You will likely have plenty of work once you establish yourself as a seller.

4. Less marketing

Indeed, you will need to work on your image and create a reputation as a valuable asset in your field. Still, you don't necessarily need a website or too much advertising to promote your services. This lessens your effort as a freelancer, as marketing is one of the core things you should focus on when you start.

What can you do?

This depends entirely on you. Before you decide, think about the jobs that are enjoyable and easy for you. Chances are that you will be one of the best and what you already love doing. Here are some ideas:

                                       — Website Design

                                       — Translation

                                       — Social Media Marketing

                                       — Photography

                                       — Accounting

If you are still trying to come up with an idea, browse the available categories on Fiverr for inspiration. As you review them, determine whether they would match your skills well. Once you detect such type of job, move on to the next step by making a Gig.

What is a "Gig"?

A gig is a synonym for a small task that can be completed for a certain amount of time for a certain amount of money. On Fiverr, you can choose your rate, what type of services you can offer, and how long you will work on them.

How to create a Gig?

So far, we have been going through the general idea of using Fiverr. The beginning of your cooperation with this company would be when you create your first Gig. It will require some time, so make sure you have enough to spend, as you will need to make it look great to potential buyers.

There are several essential points to keep in mind:

    ✔ The title should be clear about your service

    ✔ The Gig needs to be in the correct category/subcategory

    ✔ The description would be about your value to the client and setting the right expectations

    ✔ Be honest, straightforward, specific, and friendly!

Please also take the time to review the Terms of Service of the website to ensure you understand correctly how the entire system works. This will send you one step ahead and enrich your understanding with helpful additional information.

Once you have published your first Gig, you are already publicly available on the platform, and people who need your help and read through your list of services will contact you directly in your account.

Once you start getting messages from clients, these are the most important steps to follow:

            ☑ Make sure you sound professional.

            ☑ Deliver the job before the agreed deadline.

            ☑ Answer all questions clients have clearly and helpfully.

            ☑ Stay positive and welcoming in your communication.

In this post, I covered some of the basics of using Fiverr. In a future post, I will cover more tips about this job platform, so stay updated!

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