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Improve English Skills Online as a Freelancer

Прочети на Български ==> Read in English (US) In this post, I want to focus and give you insights on how to improve English skills online while freelancing at the same time. We will explore helpful apps and tricks that will help you speed up your learning experience. When you start working remotely you will quickly realize that most jobs require good English proficiency. The reason for that is that the biggest companies offering multiple projects hire people from different nations. To be able to communicate with people from different cultures, you must work on improving your English skills online. If your skills are already great, you can still benefit from this post as I'll mention resources you can use to practice. How to Improve English Skills Online in Freelancing Why Should You Improve English Skills Online? Learning Through Online Apps Duolingo Memrise Busuu Using Courses on Online Platforms Udemy Coursera Khan Academy Improve

How to Stay Motivated Working from Home: 8 Tips

Прочети на Български ==> Read in English (US) In this post, we'll review 8 proven tips on how to stay motivated working from home and dive into the details of what makes us want to work and perform at our best. When we talk about work, many of us perceive it as something mandatory. Working is what allows you to provide food and basic necessities, go on vacations, and have the standard of living you would like. However, very few people truly think about why all this is necessary and what the deeper and hidden reason for working is. We know we're supposed to, but sometimes we're so tired that reality slips through our fingers and we just want another work day to end. How to Stay Motivated Working from Home: Tips for Newbies Today, I want to dig deeper into remote work motivation and see why it is so important when working from home is concerned. TOP TIP: Determine your reasons and goals behind working from home. Knowing the "why" will push you forward in

How to Embrace Change at Work: 6 Proven Methods

Прочети на Български ==> Read in English (US) Nowadays, we can all see how much faster world events are happening. In the past, it took years to achieve a certain goal at work. Today, you can do the same in months. The technology is dynamically progressing, and work follows it. This fact is even more apparent in remote work. Doubtful to Embrace Change at Work? 6 Proven Methods Why are we afraid to embrace change at work? Not willing to go through the discomfort of changing a habit You don't see the point of changing a rule You are afraid of failing The fear of the unknown The change will create new responsibilities for you How to Embrace Change in the Workplace? Embrace Challenges Be Open-Minded Communication Challenges Seek Support Embrace a Growth Mindset Take Care of Yourself Conclusion and Final Thoughts Working from home was a luxury and a lifestyle for a select few in the past two decades. But it is now a comm

How to Be Patient at Work: Powerful Lessons for Success

Прочети на Български ==> Read in English (US) In the remote work market, it is important to possess the right set of qualities to succeed . In a previous post, I mentioned the most important ones. These are self-discipline , self-initiative, adaptiveness to change, time management, written English skills, and patience. Today we will talk about the precious quality of waiting, or how to be patient at work. The tips in this article will be valid if you work from home. But they will be also a guide for any job that is done through a computer. How to Be Patient at Work: Top Tips for Success Why Is Patience Important at Work? Helps Maintaining a Positive Work Environment Improves Work Ethic Builds Resilience Tips for Improving Patience at Work Mindfulness Techniques Setting Realistic Expectations Taking Breaks Effective Communication Be Empathetic Learn How to Manage Stress Focus on the Present Practice Gratitude Learn from Your Mist

The Value of Working from Home: A Better Understanding

Прочети на Български In this post, I want to address a topic that a lot of people overlook when starting out. And it doesn't matter if the work is in an office , from home or you have your own company for which you are fully responsible. The question is, do you really appreciate the opportunity you have when you work, or do you take your duties for granted or something annoying that you just have to check off? The Value of Working from Home: How to Best Appreciate Our Jobs What exactly does the value of working from home mean? Value of working from home by occupation Remote Translator Social Media Evaluator Search Engine Evaluator Web Developer Web Designer Online Transcriber Monetary vs. non-monetary value of working from home Frequently Asked Questions about the value of working from home How does job value affect freelancer productivity? How does a flexible work schedule affect the value of working from home? How does communicati
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