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Mystery Shopper Jobs: How to Get Started

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In this article, we'll review an underestimated job position, namely mystery shopper jobs. We'll review the basics and then take a look at some companies providing work for freelancers.

Working online can take many various forms. You can practice different professions, jobs, tasks, etc. The limit is your imagination. Whatever you think of, it's possible to find on the Internet.

Having said that, there is a job that used to be completed mainly offline, and now as online sales rapidly start to grow, the need for mystery shoppers has increased.

mystery shopper jobs

What Are Mystery Shopper Jobs?

A mystery shopper is a person who purchases specific products or services from a store or a business. After making the purchase, only half of the job is done.

Then this job requires you to fill out a survey or some other document about your experience based on criteria set by the hiring organization.

Why is There a Need for Mystery Shoppers?

Implementing this position in a company depends on the organization's plan. Several main reasons exist, as follows:

        ⇨ Measuring employees' performance: employers can gain invaluable insights by checking how closely the work procedures are followed and whether or not workers are diligent in their jobs.

When you have more knowledge about your team, you will also see opportunities to motivate and inspire them.

        ⇨ Customer experience - mystery shoppers can evaluate and bring in details about the purchasing process. If properly analyzed and evaluated, such information will help gain returning customers.

        ⇨ Brand strength - a brand should consistently apply its policies across various locations. To ensure all steps the management provides are completed by the employees, mystery shoppers come into place to find out this information and send it in the correct format, suitable for further analysis.

What are the Responsibilities of a Mystery Shopper?

Although the job is fun, it comes with a whole package of things to watch out for. It requires concentration and observation.

        ⇨ Act naturally during the purchase

Your goal is to gain insights into purchasing products or services. You can get the relevant information only if you pretend to be a regular customer.

If the workers in the company know you are evaluating them, they will not behave the same way. They would try to adjust their behavior to the best possible, leaving you with inaccurate information to send to your employer.

        ⇨ Strictly follow instructions

Most companies have deadlines about when and where to purchase the goods and the consequent feedback you will provide. You must perform your assigned tasks to ensure the entire project runs smoothly and avoid losing your job.

It's vital to ensure you are fulfilling your commitments to the company and doing your absolute best to notify them upfront if something urgent prevents you from working.

        ⇨ Be truthful and communicative

The details you will describe in your communication with the employer will determine their business decisions. Therefore, your role is essential and honesty is your best friend.

If you send out misleading information for any reason, that will seriously impact the data for the project. The more you provide incorrect info, the worse things would be for the business doing the research.

        ⇨ Advantage over competitors

The feedback companies receive from shoppers can be used to gain knowledge of their competitor's weaknesses and leverage the situation.

Which Companies Provide Mystery Shopper Jobs?

Secret Shopper

Secret Shopper is an established company in the field of mystery shopping and has been around since 1990. You must pass a short quiz about their job requirements to join them.

If you want to join them, open their website and create an account. Carefully read the questions when taking the exam, as it measures your willingness to work with this company.

HS Brands Global

Let me present HS Brands Global.

HS Brands Global is one of the leading mystery shopping organizations on a global level. They collaborate with several industries to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure brand identity.
Independent mystery shoppers enjoy the benefits of flexible hours, being paid to shop, eat or be entertained. Work as much or as little as you want, choose your own assignments and make an impact on the customer service of the world's favourite brands.

As one of their mystery shoppers, you will visit shops, restaurants, and other places to evaluate their operations and provide feedback. It is similar to being a business detective!

For detail-oriented people who like to give feedback, HS Brands Global offers an enriching opportunity.


Upwork is a job platform, and as such, it features mystery shopping jobs. The last time I checked, I found terrific mystery shopping offers from verified companies to work on.

The only downside of using Upwork is that you will have to bid on the project to participate and compete with other freelancers. If that differs from your style, you can simply apply at the companies' hiring pages directly.


IntelliShop is yet another organization that offers work to independent contractors. You must agree to their contract and provide personal details to work with them.

The payments are handled through PayPal. If you don't have an account with this payment processor, you can easily create one for free.

Market Force

This company is another option to join the profession through a large organization. Their official website states they are always looking to hire contractors.

It's a legit company that was established in 2005. For such a long time (18 years), they have a lot of experience in the area.

What is the Payment?

Here comes the most crucial question of all. For this job type, two forms of payment exist. The first one is the hourly payment, which is standard for many freelancing jobs.

The second form is the payment per task or assignment. You are paid a fixed amount once you complete the required activities.

Roughly speaking, you can get around $10 - $25 per hour and double that if you work per assignment. The exact number depends on the company budget and the complexity of the tasks.

What are the Benefits to You?

         1. Flexible job with no set schedule
        2. Diversity in the job assignments
        3. Fun and creative tasks
        4. Opportunity to share your experience
        5. Great payment

Q&A Section

① How much do mystery shoppers get paid?

In general, mystery shoppers are paid per assignment and the pay rates change on complexity, time needed, and the company that employs them. The payment may vary from a couple of dollars to more than $50 per assignment.

② What do you do as a mystery shopper?

Mystery shoppers are required to visit stores, restaurants, or other businesses and prepare reports on different aspects related to the customers’ experience.

This can include checking customer service, hygiene, product quality, and compliance with company standards.

③ What are the cons of being a mystery shopper?

The downsides of being a mystery shopper include unstable job opportunities as assignments may not be found in all regions.

Moreover, mystery shopping jobs often entail great precision and strict following of certain rules that can be demanding and tiresome for some people.

④ Is it hard to be a mystery shopper?

Although no particular skills or qualifications are necessary for someone to become a mystery shopper, it may be hard for some people because of the need to be dependable, discreet, and pay attention to detail.

Performing assignments successfully may involve patience, flexibility, and accurate recording of observations and experiences.

pin about how to work in mystery shopping


Mystery shopper jobs are a unique job type that requires attention to detail, organizational skills, and observation. If you possess any or all of those, it could be your next freelancing job.

Before applying to any company, read the information they provide and follow their processes to ensure you succeed in this new role.

What do you think about this opportunity? Is it something you are interested in? Let me know!

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  1. Love this! The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding multiple income streams! Thanks for sharing

  2. I've always wondered about mystery shoppers. It sounds like it would be a great job for someone who enjoys shopping. I prefer to avoid the crowds.

  3. Thank you for this informative post about mystery shopping job platforms. I'm sure it's helpful to the people who seeking for side income opportunity. Keep up the great work!

  4. Mystery/sectret shopping is a job that is not spoken about often. We definitely have these in the country I live in (Australia). I found this post very informative - thank you!


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