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Best Apps for Freelancers: Boost your Success

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In this post, we'll explore the best apps for freelancers that can help you strive in your remote career. They serve various purposes, but all are widely popular and helpful.

As you begin exploring the freelancing world, you will get to a point where you will need additional support to boost your performance. The help can come in different forms, but one of the most popular ways to enhance your lifestyle as a freelancer is by using specific tools.

The activities you will need to perform daily will be related to effective communication, improving time management skills, file organization, taking care of well-being, etc.

best apps for freelancers

Let's start by reviewing the list of the best apps for freelancers I've prepared for you today. They are available worldwide and let you simplify your daily routine.

1. Microsoft Teams

This collaboration tool from Microsoft comes together with chat, video conference calls, and file uploads. It is widely used by different organizations for the high-security levels it provides and the helpful features it includes.

As the name suggests, the organization can create different teams for various projects. One of the advantages of Teams is the option to mention people. Once you do that, the person receives a notification.

Because of this convenience, tracking all the threads and information flowing through is unnecessary. As long as your notifications are set correctly, you will not miss any important updates concerning your work.

2. Google Workspace

Every company has a lot of documentation. It is easier to get confused by the amount of information and knowledge base within a big organization.

During my work as a freelancer, I often read in-chat requests for help finding a particular document. As a project develops, so does the available information about it.

Here comes the need to have a place to store and organize documents, create forms, and share reports. This can be done using Google Spreadsheets, Google Docs, Google Forms, and all other necessary products.

This affordable solution allows businesses to share information across teams and bring the projects forward.

3. Asana

Asana is a tool that helps in managing and organizing projects. It features planning the project, following the deadlines, collaborating remotely with other freelancers, creating status updates for improved communication, etc.

It's an excellent tool many companies use as it proves its worth by delivering outstanding results to the teams and the projects. The software has many functions that help keep everything in one place and get things done quickly.

4. Zoom

It is another popular app that is great for video conference calls, virtual meetings, and screen sharing. It is beneficial for fast-paced conversations when you need to speed up the learning process.

Email and chat communications are usually slower, as you rarely get an immediate response. A video call app can boost the project's development and ensure everyone is on the same page.

One scenario where Zoom can prove helpful is when solving a technical issue. Looking at the problem through screen sharing is much faster than just reading its description.

5. Dropbox

This tool provides the features to share documents, sign them electronically, store them, and collaborate in a remote team.

It also provides analytics of the documents you and your team use for further enhancing your work. The tool has been around for 15 years and has proven to be helpful for freelancers all over the world.

6. RescueTime

Another productivity tool focused primarily on time. This software uses an entirely different approach to work by trying to motivate you to concentrate harder on the tasks.

Better results will follow by eliminating distractions and focusing entirely on the immediate assignment. This is the right app if you need help with time management and motivation.

I was very impressed when I first heard about this app because it's a unique way of viewing work and concentration. Maintaining focus for as long as possible is vital for producing the best results.

I struggled with focus while working on several projects simultaneously, and having a tool to help you in such moments is precious.


This is a free tool that you can use for project management. allows you to organize and plan the whole project from a single place.

Its features include task assignment, remote collaboration, goal setting, etc. For bigger teams, the company offers a variety of pricing plans.

8. EssentialPIM

EssentialPIM is an alternative to Outlook. The tool is my personal favorite when it comes to organizing and task management. What does it include?

→ email client - lets you use your email through the program

→ calendar with tasks - lets you create tasks and provides different views by day, month, week, or year.

→ notes - keep information about anything that requires your attention at a later point.

→ contacts - allows many fields with detailed information about a contact, including birthdays, social accounts, etc.

→ password manager - lets you save passwords for different websites, together with your username.

→ password generator - you can use it to automatically generate a password using uppercase, symbols, and a set number of characters.

It is an all-in-one tool for individual use and has a free version. I've used the app for over 10 years and feel satisfied with its abilities. It's the best one to keep track of tasks and passwords.

As a freelancer, you must create many new accounts related to your work. Most companies have strict password-setting policies for security reasons, so you will need help keeping all the information instead of memorizing it.

The password-keeper tool of EssentialPIM is a convenient way to keep all passwords handy and secure. You will not have to worry about forgetting passwords or losing access to your accounts.

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The list above shows only some tools freelancers use to improve their daily activities. Working remotely has its specifics, and one of them is using the proper software.

Other products might be on focus depending on the company you will work with and their processes. No matter the applications they use - the ultimate goal is always the same - an increase in productivity and efficiency.

Have you used any of these best apps for freelancers so far, and what for?


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