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How to Promote Your Fiverr Gig and Get More Orders

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You have decided to go on the road of freelancing and chose Fiverr as one of the platforms you want to work with. If you have gone through my post about Fiverr beginners, you know how you can set up your account and create your first gig.

You made your decision about the services you offer, the type of clients you want, your pay rates, etc. It's all set. Of course, you plan to create some more gigs and offer additional services as well.

promote fiverr gig

But you are eager to start and get your first order to feel the smell of success. You also need the money, right? What happens after you create your gig and how will clients find you?

Why do you need to promote your Fiverr gig?

It's counterintuitive, but simply publishing your services will not magically send clients your way. As a newbie, you have little experience with completing orders.

You know that. Customers also know that. They visit the platform and check what's recommended to them, then go through the reviews of other clients who ordered previously the same service.

They can even Google you or visit the links you provided, if any. Everything about you available online can turn in your favor. It's all about planning.

When you have your Fiverr gig set, the next step is its promotion. Here are the reasons you need to make this step:

        ☑ Competition - With the job market moving remotely faster over the years, more people joined the gig platforms and offered their services. You must prove your professionalism and great work to entice clients to choose you over others.

        ☑ Need to gain credibility - How will clients know if you can be trusted and they will receive great service?

If you have a lot of orders with many happy customers and mainly positive reviews, that's easy to achieve. But what if you don't? Then you must use other methods, like promotion to get started with orders.

        ☑ Getting access to work quicker - It's no secret that if you don't invest in promotion (whether time or money), the results will be slower, or even none.

You are a freelancer, and to earn projects, people want to know who you are, and what value you will provide for their money. If you were on the side of the client, you would do exactly the same things.

How to get started with promoting your gig?

The first step when you decide on the promotion methods you will use is to set a budget. Are you willing to invest money or time in Fiverr promotion? Is it even possible to get a free promotion?

I will answer these questions in this subsection. Yes, it is possible to promote your services for free, but you will need to consider it as part of your job because it will take a lot of your time in the beginning.

If you want to fully focus on your services instead, and avoid dividing your attention between work and marketing, your best option is investing money for paid promotion.

Both cases will work for newbies, and it's up to you to pick the most suitable option. Once you made up your mind it's time to dig deeper into these methods.

Fiverr Free Promotion

Let's start with the free options as these are more accessible to everyone and you can start without investment.

The purpose of creating a gig on Fiver is to earn money, not spend it, and free advertising will help you achieve your goal.

Even though it can take time to achieve good results, the advantage of using this method is stable results and loyal customers. As you will be mainly promoting yourself to people from your followers and readers, the chances of having returning clients are high.

Using social media to promote your Fiverr gig

The first option that you can start with is social networks. You can use a variety of channels to inform your audience about your services. Some of the most popular ones are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can use any other social channel according to your preference, but avoid using too many at the same time as it's best to take a more focused approach. The deeper you investigate the abilities of a social media platform, the better your results will be.

Facebook for Fiverr promotion

I'll start with Facebook as this is a network that provides various services for its users and it is widely popular and trusted by people. You can start promoting yourself in several ways, as follows:

        ↪ Facebook groups - Groups are a great resource for people on the same boat as you. You can find many groups specifically targeted at Fiverr promotion, and to do so, simply type "Fiverr" or "Fiverr promotion" in the search bar of Facebook.

Before joining a group, pay attention to the number of members, the number of posts daily or weekly, and the visibility (Public, Private, etc.). The easiest to join with be the public groups and that's how you get started and get to know.

Once you are accepted to a group, review their rules, observe what others are doing, and follow the requirements as this will keep you in the group. Interact with others, learn, grow, and post your link to groups that allow and encourage it.

        ↪ Facebook Business Page - Since you are a freelancer, you can set up a Business Page on Facebook for your work, and add all relevant information about your services appealingly. 

Don't forget to include the value you are offering to customers for the money they will pay. People like to spend money wisely, and you can use this to your advantage to advertise in a better way.

        ↪ Facebook personal account - Use your personal account to share your gig with friends and family, and increase your reach. You can post your link in your profile, in posts, or through private messaging.

Advertise your gig on Pinterest

Pinterest is an American image search engine, and if you are not aware of its capabilities, I suggest you start gaining knowledge about it. This will help you improve your gig performance and earn you new customers.

If you like design, beauty, and visuals, that's the best place to start for you. Many tools are available to help you with designing your first pins: Canva, BeFunky, PhotoShop, etc.

You can use any online or offline tool, as long as it offers basic graphic design features. But if you want to go further and create better graphics, it's an option to purchase a paid plan with ready-to-use graphics from a reputable company like Canva.

The option for promoting your gig is to create a business account on Pinterest. Since you will be offering services, you'll need to create boards with great descriptions and names, to increase the visibility of your account.

How to advertize a Fiverr gig on Twitter

Twitter is a huge platform with 450 million monthly active users as of 2023 according to Demand Sage. This means two things for you:

        ✔ Global market
        ✔ Huge potential for success

The most important goal you need to achieve on Twitter is to reach potential customers and your gig to be displayed in front of them. You can create a post with a short description of your services and a link to your gig.

An even easier way to achieve a similar result is to use the share button in your Fiverr gig to post directly to Twitter. Then add relevant hashtags to boost the post in Twitter search.

If you are unsure what are the best hashtags to use, check out other profiles who promote themselves on Twitter and see how their posts are structured. For example, you can use #Fiverr, #FiverrGigs, #FiverrGigsPromotion, etc.

And the last method you will use will be interacting with others on Twitter. Sometimes users post promotional threads where you can post your Fiverr gig link, and contribute with others to gain more clients and impressions.

Contributing means you like and retweet others' work and they do the same for you. This way both parties win and grow their accounts faster.

Watch out for promotional threads, and search for them intentionally using the search bar or through other Fiverr users' Twitter accounts. It's a great way to receive a free promotion.

How to utilize YouTube to promote your Fiverr gig?

YouTube is excellent for people who are confident in creating videos. The good news is that it's a skill you can learn.

You can have faceless videos and even AI-generated voices if you don't want to avoid showing yourself publicly.

The options are so many - you can sign up with free or paid video-creating services, use their resources, then download your video and upload it to YouTube.

Another cool thing is that you can use your Fiverr link in your YouTube description, and your customers can visit your gig page while watching your video and make their orders. You can also join Fiverr's affiliate program, and promote your link on YouTube or other channels.

Advertise your Fiverr gigs on your website

Let's have a look at two scenarios:

        1. You have an existing website with reasonable traffic.
        2. You are yet to create a website.

In the first case, your advertising efforts will give quicker results. Since you will start from a base you already gained, it will be easier to get more views for your gig and gain new clients.

In the second case where you need to start from scratch, you must create a professional website first. Luckily, there are many free website builders for blog creation, like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc.

Choose one of them and make an appealing website from a ready template. If you want to invest, the option to pay someone for a website exists, as well. You can again use Fiverr to make an order for a new website.

You can create a detailed post with information about a particular service, and how it will add value to the client. Link to your gig from the article.

Ensure the quality of the text, check grammar, go above 1000 words to make it more informative, and work on the SEO of the page.

Your goal is to rank the page in search engines which will bring high-quality targeted traffic to your post.

How does promoting your Fiverr gig on a website work?

Many companies and freelancers focus their marketing on a blog or a website. Why? Because a blog will provide additional information for your services, and make it more trustworthy.

Then you can use search engine optimization to your advantage to increase the number of viewers for your gig.

If your post is ranked in Google or other search engines, the website visits will be more.
Creating a Fiverr gig is only the first part of the equation for your success on the platform. A good advertising strategy will drive more people to your services and boost your sales.

Promoting your gig through cold email

If you are not familiar with the term "cold emailing" this refers to sending an email to a person you don't know to present your services and eventually make a sale. It's a popular marketing strategy used by many business owners and freelancers to increase their reach.

It's a particular type of promotion as you need to make sure you are sending relevant information to people who might be interested in the service you offer. The first step you need to do is to obtain email addresses in various ways.

The data you collect should be relevant to your service to ensure you will engage in targeted promotion. Then you compose an email offering a great value deal to the customer by emphasizing the benefits for them.

Cold email requires some research and data collection, but it's a proven technique that works and has the potential to bring you a lot of customers as a beginner.

The best part is that it's free to do it. You also have the option to pay a marketer to promote you through cold emailing which will save you time to use on completing your orders.

How to do a paid Fiverr promotion

Now that we've explored the free option, it's time to dive into the paid alternatives. One of the biggest advantages of paying for advertising is the saved time and effort.

If you want to focus fully on your work, instead of scattering your diligence into tasks and promotion at the same time, paying is a fantastic opportunity to solve this problem. 

Fiverr Promoted Gigs

Fiverr has its own promotion program that will allow you to benefit and gain more visibility from the source.

It can be useful to you, especially when the payment for promotion is deducted from your earnings, and you don't need to prepay anything.
Increase Gig exposure by up to 200% with placements in prime marketplace locations.

However, there is a catch in it. Fiverr currently has certain conditions to allow users to promote themselves.

As a newbie, it will take some time before you are eligible for promotion. The rules include being at least a Level 1 Seller, having 20 or more reviews with an average of 4.7 rating.

To get to this level you must complete a certain amount of orders first, and make sure your customers are leaving you a review.

Are Fiverr Promoted Gigs worth it?

This is one of those questions with many different answers according to who you ask. Online many people share their experiences with using this Fiverr feature with great success and a high return on investment.

Some users complain about not getting enough work by using the promotion. One thing is for sure - if you dig deeper and choose the best-performing gig to promote, this will maximize your profit.

If you want to randomly use the service just for fun and to see if it works - it will probably not work as expected. As with every new skill, learning how to promote yourself requires time and reading.

Facebook ads for Fiverr advertising

Besides being a source of free promotion, Facebook is a social network providing paid advertising. If you decide to be involved in this service, there are a few factors and calculations to make:

        → The cost of Facebook ads compared to your profit on Fiverr - the ideal situation is when you earn much more than you spend.

How much more is entirely your decision to make. But make sure to increase the profit in time and to grow as a freelancer.

        → The budget you will start with - How much money are you ready to spend before seeing any results? It's a tough question, but having the answer set will prevent you from overspending.
        → The analytics you need to check to maximize potential earnings - You need to check how effective Facebook ads are for getting you orders. In-depth information will help you make the appropriate decisions for your circumstances.

All these points are essential for your success. A good practice is to have a freelancing budgeting app to help you with invoicing and profit management.

If you still haven't tried any, check my article about great finance apps for freelancers for some awesome suggestions.

Once you decide on the major goals and considerations, it's time to set up a campaign. You can do this by creating a post with a link to your gig and a relevant description of the offered service.

Then use the Facebook boosed post option to display the ad to potential customers. Facebook Business Pages have great analytics tools that will help you measure your ad performance.

Twitter ads for Fiverr gig promotion

Twitter also provides a paid service to their users which will help you reach more customers in less time.

You can promote to specific countries, for example, The United States, or your homeland.
Research where the demand for your service is high and target that specific location.

Observe the performance of your ads and adjust them as necessary. One thing you should note about Twitter is that they have a click-through rate of 2% according to Single Grain, which is high compared to other social networks. If you want to get more traffic to your gig, it's the social media you'll want to use.

Other paid promotional methods for Fiverr

Besides Facebook and Twitter, it's worth considering other places we've mentioned earlier for paid ads. These can include YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Spend enough time researching what works best for your service and defining your keywords.

The better the ad, the less your expenses will be for promotion. If you start with less research ad, you will still learn from your experience, but this knowledge will cost you money.

An incredible strategy is to start with the most popular social media for your service, and then move on to others for additional views and customers.

Another term you should become familiar with is "return on investment" (ROI) which measures your net profit compared to your ad expenses.

You need to regularly check if you are making an adequate profit and if your paid ads perform as expected.

If not, you can always go back to free promotion and continue learning the best marketing tips and tricks. 

Main points about advertising a Fiverr Gig

Various methods exist for promoting your first gig. It's time to summarize all the important points we've made above in a summarized list for your convenience:

        1. Facebook promotion - free and paid (groups, Business page, personal profile, ads)
        2. Pinterest advertising - Business page and graphic design tools
        3. Twitter promotion - free and paid (relevant hashtags, threads, ads, Fiverr gig share)
        4. YouTube promotion - video maker apps and links in the description
        5. Website promotion - free and paid options, promoting through articles
        6. Cold emailing - Increase your reach with free and paid options
        7. Social networks paid promotion - YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram

Having the right mindset about your Fiverr journey will bring the result. You need to be consistent to start gaining credibility order after order. Treat your Fiverr account as a business and you will see a wonderful outcome.

a woman holding a sign with the text Fiverr promotion for newbies


The creation of a gig is the beginning of your journey as a freelancer. The next step toward your successful career is proper advertising.

No matter which methods you choose for your service, pay attention to what works and do more of it. We are creatures of habit, and sometimes we tend to forget to check on our ways and adjust them to the current situation.

As the online remote job market is dynamic, you will need to regularly upgrade your knowledge and learn about the best practices in promotion. It's vital to have the mindset of growth to give your best for your promotion.

Have you tried any of the methods above and which one did you like the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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