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What Does a Search Engine Evaluator Do?

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In this post, we'll answer the question: What does a search engine evaluator do? in detail, and provide a clear understanding of the requirements, the type of jobs, and some of the most popular companies to work for.

When we think about search engines, the first thought that comes to mind is "looking for information" or "how to find something".

What Does a Search Engine Evaluator Do and How to Apply

what does a search engine evaluator do

In the past to get this knowledge one needed to go to the library, nowadays, this activity shifted almost entirely to the Internet.

It's much more convenient and instead of flipping pages or a paper book to discover the answer to your question, you can do it by simply typing your query into the search bar.

With this new change, comes the challenge of better organizing the virtual "shelves", and arranging the pieces of data in the most convenient and relevant way.

That's where search engine evaluation comes to the scene. Optimizing is a crucial part of the search engine's performance and reliability.

Changing algorithms are greatly contributing to the better organization of data, but as of now, human opinion is irreplaceable.

What Does a Search Engine Evaluator Do?

What Is Search Engine Evaluation Job?

A search engine evaluator is an individual who reviews and provides feedback about the relevance of search results, ads, and keywords.

They structure their answers based on instructions provided by the search engine and aim to better contribute to achieving a certain goal.

The main goal of any search engine is to provide what people are looking for. If you search for a specific place, for example, and there are several locations with the same name around the globe, the results might display the one that you most likely intended based on your previous searches, current location, etc.

Search engine evaluator considers a lot of factors in their jobs and strive to provide their best feedback, using specific guidelines and their best judgment.

Their work is valuable and contributes to society as a whole because increasing the speed of finding exactly what we look for would boost our productivity.

With this job type, you will not only perform your given tasks, but you will constantly upgrade your knowledge by participating in knowledge checks, reading clarifications, and performing research on your own.

Skills and Qualifications

You will need a high-school diploma or higher-level education to start a job in search engine evaluation. The good news is that the qualifications requirements are low (since you will probably be able to apply with minimum documents).

However, be prepared for additional examinations and to prove yourself as a great fit for the hiring company. If you have experience in the area from a previous job, put it into action to help you nail the job.

Another skill search engine companies consider is the technical knowledge of the candidate. It's best if you are familiar with the terminology and equipped with the right mindset about solving technical issues.

A Resume for Search Engine Evaluator

To get the job you will need to provide your resume including details about your previous jobs, education, skills, and experience.

Consider emphasizing your problem-solving skills, and adding the information that is most relevant for the new role you want to perform.

Include qualities like working independently, analytical thinking, and attention to detail. The job of the search engine evaluator is full of deep analysis, critical thinking, and evaluation of details.

Application and Onboarding Process

The first step you must take when you decide you want to develop your skills as a search engine evaluator is to find a relevant position.

For this purpose, you can visit online job boards or check social media (specifically LinkedIn) to determine if there is an available opportunity.

Once you find the job, you can start your application. Prepare for a longer process as the search engines need to measure your skills through passing various assessments.

At first, you will be required to provide your resume and past experience. Depending on the company, you may be asked to complete a quiz in your native language.

Then you will be provided with additional tasks and instructions related to the project you will be working on.

If you manage to go successfully through all the examinations, you will be invited to join the onboarding process.

It includes providing work accounts to you, granting you access to job documentation, and informing you about any additional benefits of the company.

The entire procedure might seem lengthy but it actually ensures that you are serious enough about the job and that the search engines are hiring the right candidate.

If you set aside time to thoroughly study the instructions provided to you, there is no doubt that you can pass the exams.

Once you are hired the learning just starts. One of the great bonuses of a search engine evaluator job is the continuous upgrading of your knowledge.

As search engines evolve, you will evolve. You will come across many terms that you need to research, and thus, learn new information and broaden your horizons.

What Salary to Expect for a Search Engine Evaluator Job?

search engine evaluator salary

Your salary as a search engine evaluator would depend on factors such as your location, the agreement you made with the company and your skills.

Workers in The United States should typically earn a higher salary than those from non-English markets.

It's important to check the exact amount with the company you will contract with, and decide if the payments suit your needs and expectations.

Make sure to communicate the hourly payment clearly, and keep in mind that as a freelancer in search engine evaluation, you must pay your taxes in your country of residence.

There is no exact amount you will earn, but as a freelancer, your salary range would be around $10 - $20+ per hour for this job offer.

Which companies provide search engine evaluation jobs

Here is a list of companies that provide search engine evaluation jobs for your convenience:

        1. Appen - In Appen, you will find a friendly team of contributors who will freelance just like you on many search engine evaluation projects.

        2. Telus International - As a Telus search engine evaluator you will be part of a global company and receive your payments monthly.

        3. Teamwork AI

        4. Welocalize

The above-mentioned companies are all legit and reputable companies that pay regularly and accurately to their contractors. You can work from home and have a flexible schedule.

The amount of time to dedicate varies depending on job availability but typically 10 - 20+ hours are offered weekly.

The Value of Search Engine E'valu(e)'ators

The job of the search engine evaluator is valuable due to the effect it has globally. You will be labeling data for your country and contributing to the enhancement of the search results.

It's a rewarding job to know that your efforts matter. The fact that you help people find what they are looking for faster and make their lives more convenient is enough to give you job satisfaction.

You will provide your feedback to search engines, and this is a job that your opinion matters a lot. Not only the job is valuable, but you as a freelancer are extremely important for the whole process.

You will help improve search algorithms by checking search queries, performing keyword research, and determining the user intent. Your job will improve the user experience and search relevance.

Your insights can help reduce the amount of low-quality content in the search results, and better up the search experience for everyone. You will be part of the growth of technology, and it is inspiring and worth it all the way.

a woman working on a laptop at a search engine evaluator job


Search engine evaluation is an attractive and innovative field for job seekers. It offers great benefits, salary, and value for the contractor.

By now, you have a clear understanding and an answer to the basics of the job and the question: What does a search engine evaluator do?

If you want to dive in deeper and try the companies I mentioned above, you can do so anytime. Update me when you get hired! I would love to hear that and congratulate you!

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