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Making Money Online: Become a Social Media Evaluator

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Most people nowadays use social media for entertainment. You go to Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok and enjoy endless fun content from global creators. It's one of the ways you can spend your spare time or use it when you are bored.

But did you know that the time you spend there translates to money earned by these companies? In this article, we'll look at a different perspective on social media. In fact, how to do the exact opposite - make part or full-time income as a social media evaluator.

social media evaluator

I'll introduce you to a relatively new online job, and although its name sounds complicated, by the end of the post you'll be ready to get started and apply. We'll go through the definition, the application process, the salary, and the top companies providing this type of freelance work.

What is a Social Media Evaluator?

The job of the social media evaluator consists of the following:

        ✔ They read social posts and analyze them based on predefined instructions.

        ✔ They use common sense combined with the criteria set by the company to make the best decision.

        ✔ Social media evaluators are usually hired as independent contractors (they are self-employed).

        ✔ Social media evaluators participate in machine learning (AI development) and as part of the process, they provide feedback for improvements.

Job Responsibilities

        → Ensure high quality of the posts and categorize them using knowledge of company-provided guidelines.

        → Strictly follow deadlines to complete their tasks and contribute to the success of the project.

        → Learn and upgrade their skills by reviewing work-related documents, files, knowledge bases, etc.

        → Inform their direct managers about time off and vacations upfront to allow them to distribute work to others.

How to Become a Social Media Evaluator

Where to Find Online Job Opportunities

        1. You can check specific companies known for offering such an online gig. I'll mention some of the most popular ones later in the post.

        2. Visit online job boards and Facebook groups to find relevant online jobs.

        3. Forums related to work from home discuss in-depth some of the users' experiences with social media jobs. Consider joining and participating in the conversations.

What are the requirements for social media evaluators?

The good news is that you can work remotely even without a university degree. Certainly, higher education is an advantage if you want to grow in the hierarchy and aim for a management position. But this is not a requirement, and you can start the job with a high school diploma (or its equivalent).

Social media companies would prefer to hire a candidate who is a regular user of their networks. If you spend your time on social media you will know a lot of their features which will help you in quicker navigation and understanding of the job tasks.

Since you will be analyzing text and making decisions based on the analysis, you should have relevant experience and analytical skills.

A crucial skill is attention to detail as information you'll evaluate will need to be considered based on different criteria. You must agree to follow guidelines and any additional instructions sent by the social media.

Good English level is a must as you will need it to communicate with your team. Even though you can evaluate in a different language (your native) all instructions, emails, and chats will be in English.

How to Apply and Get Hired?

Based on the company you can go through different steps. Most companies require creating a profile on their website and applying for a job opportunity from there.

If you find a good social media evaluator job on a job board, you can follow the steps to apply and fill out any necessary information.

You will be asked to complete a quiz or go through a qualification process. It can be 1-step, 2-step, or more assessments, based on the social media application process. Make sure you read and study the instructions thoroughly before attempting an examination to maximize your chances of success.

Once you pass the assessment, you will be invited to onboarding by setting up your payment method (where you will receive your salary) and getting to know the companies' processes, documents, and benefits.

Potential Earnings as a Social Media Evaluator

Payment per Hour

The payment you can expect is measured by the hour. You perform a certain amount of work each hour, and you get a fixed rate for your time. The exact amount depends on the country you live in, your experience, and the budget of the company.

However, a reasonable amount to expect is from $10 to $20 per hour. If you live in a country with a lower standard of living, it is a great salary and would usually be above the average.

Advantages of Being a Social Media Evaluator


The social media evaluator job is a fully flexible opportunity allowing you to manage your time according to your preferences. Here is an example:

You have a deadline to complete 20 hours per week. You can create a schedule to have a 4-day working week and 3 days off. This means 5 hours per day.

If you have other meetings throughout the day, set aside 3 hours in the early morning and 2 hours in the evening.

Due to the flexibility it offers the social media evaluator job is attractive to people from different backgrounds, and it is one of its top benefits.

Potential for Growth

You can start as a social media evaluator but you can grow to become a manager or any available higher-paying position. Companies usually have their vacancies announced, and you can apply once a job is available.

Your growth can expand to other areas of your life. The analytical tasks will help you improve your problem-solving skills, and you can apply them in daily life and your next job. It can be a great start for beginners to get used to the remote work market and online tools.

Which Companies Provide Social Media Evaluator Jobs?

As promised, here are the two most popular companies that offer such remote jobs (I've worked for both of them):

Appen - This is an established company that mainly focuses on machine learning and AI. The social media evaluation positions they offer are included in the long list of projects they work on. The salaries are attractive and will be announced to you once you get invited to start working.

You can apply by signing up for an account with Appen and going through the list of projects on their Project Page. Once you are approved and invited, they will request you to pass an online assessment to confirm your eligibility.

Telus International - This is a company that has been around for many years (since 2005). They offer both on-site and remote opportunities, and one of them is the social media jobs.

They offer extensive training to contractors who join them including a long qualification process, regular knowledge checks, etc.

how to become a social media evaluator a laptop with Facebook on it


Instead of using social media only for fun, now you can combine fun & work. That would be a wise use of your time and energy. The posts you will be evaluating will be similar to the ones you usually read without being paid.

If you enjoy social media you can make money out of your hobby by applying for a social media evaluator job.

Follow the steps I mentioned above and dive deep into these amazing remote opportunities to get a step closer to your dreams!

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