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Freelance Typing Test: Test Your Speed

Do you know what your typing speed is? Check it with this freelance typing test, and get insights about growing further.

As a freelancer, you will need various skills, and one of them is faster typing. It directly affects your productivity and time spent on various tasks.

Using the tool below, type the words that appear and once you get the result, keep it for your records. It's important to check back regularly and track your progress.

Freelance Typing Test: How Fast Are You?

Tricks for Faster Typing

1. Type texts that are useful for you

Instead of using a bunch of meaningless words combined together to practice as a newbie, go higher. You can certainly use text that will teach you something valuable as you type it out.

The text in the typing test above is about starting out freelancing, and if you type it repeatedly, you will eventually memorize it by heart.

The same goes for any other text or information that you need to memorize. You are basically combining one skill of coordinating your fingers to move faster over the keyboard with the knowledge and the information conveyed by the message.

2. Practice as often as you can

If you want to improve faster, make it a habit to type daily. Once you get used to typing easy texts, explore characters that are hard to reach (located far from the center of the keyboard).

3. Use all your fingers

Having all your fingers involved in the process will speed up your experience. 10 is better than 2, and it's better than 8.

Avoid giving breaks to any of your fingers - they all should participate equally in the process. Once you get used to typing this way, you will not need to look at your keyboard and you'll be free to watch at the screen or anywhere else.

4. Stay positive and avoid frustration

As hard as it might be to learn as a beginner, keeping your attitude on the positive side will make it much easier and more pleasant.

Typing is a fun game, that you can win if you put in enough effort. Treat it as your ticket for higher-paying jobs and increased hourly rates.

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