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Remote Jobs for English Teachers: A Comprehensive Guide

As the world becomes more and more globalized, the demand for English skills increases. Students from different countries are waiting to discover their best teacher online and improve their knowledge of the language.

What that means for you, is yet another profitable opportunity to embrace and explore. Why? Because you can have the flexibility to choose your work hours.

Your teaching will help children globally, and you will get paid the great salary you deserve for your efforts.

Regardless of your experience so far, remote jobs for English teachers are available for different levels and you might just get pleasantly surprised by the offers.

remote jobs for English teachers

TOP TIP: Work on your communication skills and charisma. To teach is about inspiring your students to want to grow and learn.

Let's jump right in and thoroughly prepare for this lucrative job position. Are you ready?

How to Start as an English Teacher Online?

Let's be honest - starting as an English teacher online is simple, but yet it requires some preparation on your side.

It's best to know the market, who you will be teaching, and what info to review and learn beforehand.

1. Acquire the Necessary Qualifications

If you are a non-native English speaker you can have an advantage over your competitors by acquiring certification. A good document to have is TEFL namely Teaching English as a Foreign Language or its alternative TESOL meaning Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Keep in mind that this step is not always required. You will find companies that don't request such certificates.

But, you will gain additional insights into the job and significantly improve your English teaching skills by acquiring any of these documents.

2. Set Up Your Online Teaching Space

As you will be providing services online your equipment and accessories are essential. Think about your home office and how you can improve it.

If you haven't already - ensure you have a speedy internet connection, high quality web camera, and test your microphone.

You will need standard-quality accessories for making flawless video calls. Don't forget the lightning! It will improve the overall experience in your job.

Your place should be quiet and far from the daily distractions you have at home. It's where you will earn your money, so a bit of effort in this direction will certainly pay off greatly.

3. Choose the Right Platforms

Pay attention: compulsory step. While not all steps have the same value and importance, this one is non-skippable!

Time to choose the company you'll work for! Here are some options: VIPKid, iTalki, and Cambly.

All of these have their own set of requirements and benefits. The best you can do is review them to learn whether they match your needs and preferences.

4. Create a Compelling Profile

Now it's time to put your advertising skills to action. If you are using a platform, follow the steps they require to fill in your bio.

Some English teaching websites may require you to record an introductory video of yourself. Take the time to polish all the details and represent yourself professionally.

It's important to highlight your teaching experience if any, all relevant qualifications, and skills that will make you successful.

Is Teaching English Remotely Profitable?

Yup, remote jobs for English teachers are one of the most profitable opportunities out there. How much you will earn depends on several factors as you will find out below.

Hourly Rates

Wages are based on payment per class (* which can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or even less). To simplify it, you can expect to earn about $10 to $40 per full hour of 60 minutes.

However, keep in mind that these amounts will vary based on the area of the students and the type of English classes you teach. For example, you can earn more by teaching business English which is a specialized skill. 

Scheduling Flexibility

One of the fun and exciting benefits of teaching English remotely is the chance to set your own schedule according to your preference.

This contributes to better work-life balance. It also allows you to earn more by setting your hours at the busiest hours based on the time zone of your students.

Additional Income Streams

Besides the regular rates, many companies offer additional bonuses if you teach more hours or comply with certain criteria.

You can deliberately look out for those to maximize your earning potential. Such incentives will further motivate you to work more diligently.
There are approximately 1.5 billion learners across the world seeking to improve their English language skills meaning that online English teaching jobs are not in short supply, especially for native speakers in the more sought after countries including the UK, US and Canada.

What Are the Best Companies to Work for as an English Teacher?

You can find trustworthy companies to work with as an online English teacher by looking at the list below. We share our top picks and recommendations with you:


VIPKid is a popular platform known among teachers and online professionals. The payment is competitive and you can set flexible hours.

Your students are located in China.


iTalki is a format that allows teachers to set their rates and report their income as self-employed. It's a worldwide community with thousands of teachers involved.


Cambly is another website that connects teachers with their students online. The focus is on practicing and speaking English.

If you like a more casual and friendly approach to teaching, this platform may provide just what you need. Another benefit is that you will be paid each week.

It's a friendly community that will provide good earnings and relaxed work environment.


Preply is a huge platform hosting tutors teaching students from more than 180 countries. The best part: they don't require any degrees or certificates.

This makes them an appealing offer for beginners or those who transition from a different career.

Do I Need a Degree to Start Working as an English Teacher Online?

While it's recommended and desirable to have proof of your English skills, this is not a necessity. Of course, whether you will need such a degree depends on the platform, but you will find places that don't require it.

Degree Requirements

A bachelor's degree is a good start, and it will open the doors for you in many companies. If you don't have one, though - an alternative is a TEFL or TESOL certification.

Experience and Skills

A degree is important, but a better skill you can have is your teaching style and skills. In other words, how good ar you in helping students quickly and efficiently learn the lessons?

Platforms like Cambly and iTalki, for example, prioritize your teaching capabilities over a degree. What feedback you receive from the students you teach goes a long way as well.

Do I Need to Be a Native English Speaker to Teach the Language?

Contrary to the expectations, you can teach English even as a foreign regardless of your accent. Knowledge is an open area where people are accepted as long as they have the firm goal of doing their job to the best of their ability.

If you are a native speaker, you will have the advantage of having practical knowledge of colloquial speech.

Fluency and Proficiency

You should have a good grasp of English grammar and pronunciation by studying it extensively. Even native speakers also need to learn heavy concepts.

As a non-native speaker with a firm understanding of the English language basics, you can be as effective as a native speaker.

Cultural Perspective

A unique benefit of teaching English as a foreigner is providing your personal experience. You were once through the same process - learning English, and you are well aware of the struggles associated with it.

Thus, you can help others by letting them know the shortcuts and the tricks to improve faster.

Tips and Tricks to Thrive in This Remote Job

Here are some tips and tricks you can follow to ensure your success as a remote English teacher:

Engage Your Students

Make the learning fun and interactive. Involve your students as much as possible in the process by using multimedia and taking turns to participate.

Continuous Learning

Becoming a teacher is just the beginning of this career. As we grow and evolve as a society, innovative methods arise.

You can learn about them in webinars, teachers' communities, and through online courses. Schedule time for your development as a professional and confidently apply new teaching approaches.

Manage Your Time Efficiently

Good old time management is here in this work. Planning and scheduling your lessons may sound easy at first, but keep in mind to avoid overbooking.

If you have personal tasks that are overlapping with your classes, this can also cause issues. Using scheduling apps, like calendars or PIMs (personal information managers) will save you from trouble.

Build a Strong Network

Search on Facebook or other social media for groups to join as an English teachers. Online forums are another alternative for learning and interacting with fellows.

Having a friendly network by your side can introduce you to job offers, tips, and support. Moreover, you will feel like a part of the community.

Request Feedback

The way to learn what you can do better is to ask directly about it. Your students know the answer to your concerns.

Listen to what they say carefully and take the steps to improve your teaching skills.

What Are the Challenges of Teaching English Remotely?

With each benefit comes a challenge. Let's see what to get ready for:

Technical Issues

Your job largely depends on your internet connection. If you experience a loss of connection, it may lead to missed lessons.

To prevent this from happening, you can have a backup plan. It can be a different source for the internet, a second device, etc.

Software and hardware can also fail to perform as expected at times. Do your best to be prepared with the exact steps to take if that happens.

Cultural Differences

If your students are in China, and you are located in Europe, there will be a cultural gap.

You can overcome it by getting interested in what the norm is in your target culture, and how to approach your students respectfully as per their understanding.

Communication between you can be massively improved by reading just a little extra on their customs and traditions.


Typical for remote jobs in general, isolation can certainly affect online English teachers. Fight against it by connecting with other teachers in online communities.

Chances are, they are facing the exact same issue and will give you ideas on how to deal with it more effectively.

Time Management

Time zones will be different for you and your students. This can affect your routine and impact your personal activities.

You will have to maintain boundaries and learn how to organize your tasks reasonably. Remote work tools can come in handy in helping you deal with these challenges.

online english teaching jobs

To Summarize

Finding remote jobs for English teachers will turn into a rewarding and matching career. Whether you choose it for its flexibility, or because you want to be part of the global community of teachers - it'll cover your needs.

You can embrace all its benefits by preparing and enhancing your skills. It is a job suitable for both newcomers and experienced teachers.

Lastly, the potential for higher earnings is one of the reasons English teaching has become more popular in recent years.

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  1. Thnis is my side job for 9 years now. It;s fun and help pay the bills


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