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Grammarly Review: How To Improve Our Writing as Freelancers

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In this post, I want to introduce an app, that proved its worth over the years for many freelancers. In this Grammarly review, we'll talk in-depth about the benefits of using the tool and how to improve your English level efficiently.

In the online world, it is compulsory to learn to write in a clear and error-free manner. Since most online job offers require efficient written communication, having the necessary amount of education is the way to go.

Grammarly review

Knowledge of the English language minimum on an intermediate level could guarantee better results while searching for a job or working.

Fortunately, even when English is not your native language, there is the possibility to enhance the way you express yourself by using different tools. My favorite one that I use daily for checking my grammar and spelling is Grammarly.

The company was created in 2009, and since then, it has evolved on a large scale and transformed into a leading tool online. Through the years, I noticed many positive changes that allowed me to upgrade my writing style.

What is Grammarly?

In the first part of this Grammarly review, we will introduce the app and point out its main function. This is a tool designed with the idea of making writing in English easier for non-native speakers.

Knowing the importance of clear communication and understanding, we need a tool to help us achieve them.

For the work to be performed more efficiently, Grammarly comes to the scene to provide solutions to these issues.

Grammarly logo

Image by Grammarly

The company also includes artificial intelligence in its products, providing innovation and enhancing productivityThe interface is intuitive to use as you get errors/potential errors underlined in red.

Once you hover over the word or phrase, you will get the suggestion in green, and by clicking on it, you can easily replace the wrong with the correct option.

How to use Grammarly?

Grammarly provides users with several different options to suit everyone's needs. One could use the online editor, versions for Windows and Mac, or the mobile app.

These are all convenient to use as you can combine using the tool on different devices with the same account.

As you type, you will see the suggestions coming up, and typos or grammar misusages are underlined in pink.

This method helps both write correct texts and improves the writer's knowledge of English by pointing out exactly where the issues occur.
You own what you write.

One great feature is that you can save all files you write for later review.

Once you have a Grammarly account, you can also opt-in to receive helpful emails with your statistics, improvement, and involvement in learning grammar better.

Grammarly Review of the Free Version vs Paid Version

The good news is that Grammarly offers several different versions of its tool. When you access their plans page, you can review the following subscriptions: Free, Premium, and Business.

The free account has some basic features that can help with spelling correction, obvious grammar mistakes, and tone.

The paid versions are a different story. The Premium and Business plans are very similar, except the Business option has added features applicable to teams, business, and analytics.

If you will be writing regularly and it is part of your job to deliver quality texts/emails/articles, the paid version is a must-buy.

It enhances your writing by rewriting entire sentences and suggests replacing words with their synonyms.

That creates variety and also ensures you are using the proper phrases for the English language. It will make you sound like a native, and this investment will pay off.

Working with the tool will also help you learn the correct way of using the language in different contexts, and the spelling of difficult words, and ultimately increase your English knowledge.

Grammarly Review of the Browser Extension

One of the nifty free options of Grammarly is their browser extension. The supported browsers by the company are Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

I use it on Chrome, and it has been one of the few beneficial extensions I used and proved to be a great time-saver.

The browser extension allows you to check for grammar/spelling mistakes in different places. Whenever you write in a text field online (in your email or a file), you will receive writing suggestions and corrections for your text.

It is a practical option because by using the extension, you don't have to copy and paste text just to proofread it.

Grammarly browser extension

Image by Grammarly

Grammarly Browser Extension: How to Install

Depending on your browser, you will get separate instructions on this article. It is a simple process, and once you add the extension, a completely new functionality comes into place to help you manage your everyday writing.

If you are running a business and English is not your native language, having a Grammarly account with at least a Premium subscription is something to consider. It will make you sound professional and fluent leading to more revenue and fewer issues created by misunderstanding.

It also comes with a 7-day free trial as an added bonus to those already mentioned. Having suitable tools in the workplace will make you more efficient and stress-free.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly checks for plagiarism with a detection tool that is of great help to any writer.

This tool is developed to do the job very well by scanning the text against an extensive database of internet pages and academic papers to check for originality and authenticity.

By highlighting the matches it finds, Grammarly enables users to express their originality without fear due to the confidence that they can correct any errors.

Whether you're a student seeking academic integrity or a professional trying to maintain originality in your work, Grammarly plagiarism checker brings you peace of mind and helps you maintain the integrity of your writing.

The plagiarism checker of Grammarly is a tool that is easy to use and accurate to depend on for those who place high value on honesty and quality in writing.

a pin about how good is Grammarly app complete guide


Grammarly is a great app for both native and non-native English speakers to help them achieve better writing results.

In this Grammarly review, we covered how to use the tool, what advantages it has, and the different functionalities it offers. If you don't use it already, it's time to explore it and make your life easier.

It is useful for all aspects of writing, including punctuation, engagement, sentence structure, etc. Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to meet you in my next post.

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