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Find Remote Jobs on Facebook Groups: Easy Steps

Hi, awesome people! I'm in a good mood today, and I want to share a neglected method for finding a remote job position with you.

You can use the popular social network Facebook to find work-from-home opportunities and communicate with fellow freelancers.

Before we begin, I want to emphasize that to use Facebook to find legit remote work offers, you will need some experience in the search process.

remote jobs facebook groups

If you still haven't gone through my previous posts about the right way to search for a freelancing job, now is the time to do so to advance your knowledge about the work market. Let's see what are the methods you can use to find a high-paying option on Facebook.

Join Facebook Groups

One of the most valuable features of social media is that it helps people with similar interests gather in a public or private group, and do business.

You should note that some groups are better than others, but this will depend on what you're looking for.

I'll give you an example. Let's say you want to find an online data entry job. In this case, instead of seeking the general "online jobs", you can search for "data entry jobs". Be as specific as possible as the more you narrow your search efforts, the better the results will be.

How to find the right Facebook group to join

When you use the top left search bar on Facebook to look for a keyword, the website will automatically display all results including groups.

But because you want to find only groups, you can set this filter from the menu below the search textbox.

Once you select this option, you will see all available groups with this keyword. As a newbie, use the additional filters under Groups to set them as "public".

It will save you time and frustration because when you try to join a private group, in some cases, you will need to wait for approval.

Then you can check three important factors about them:

        1. How many members does the group have
        2. How often do people post in it shown as "posts a day"
        3. Short description of the main purpose of the group's existence

Why does this information matter to you? Let's break this down a little further:

        → The number of members indirectly indicates how long the group was created. Newer groups usually have fewer members and activities. It's best to start with an established group with many members. 

By the time of writing this post, the search results display many remote job groups with over 50K members, and you can start with the most popular ones that come on top.

        → The more active the members are, the quicker you will find a job. Work-from-home Facebook groups are for both job seekers and job providers.

Providers post their offers and conditions, and interested people contact them through the comments or directly in private messaging.

If you see a group with 10+ posts a day, you can assume the members are quite active and you will see many offers.

        → The last thing you want to pay attention to is the purpose of the group. Beware that some groups can have a name and description that contradict them.

That's why you need to review to make sure you are joining a place that can get you closer to your goals.

Which Facebook groups to join for remote jobs in 2023?

In the previous part of the post, we discussed how to investigate the groups. Here, I want to give you a shortcut for great groups I have found and used to search for a job.

As everyone is looking for different types of remote jobs, I included a list of some of the popular groups online (a combined list of several job types). Let's go:

General Facebook Groups for Remote Jobs

            ✔ WORK FROM HOME - This is a public Facebook group with 123K members and 10+ posts a day. It's appropriate for beginners and you can find all types of jobs, including data entry, virtual assistant jobs, marketing jobs, etc.

            ✔ Online Jobs and Working from Home - a public group with 224K members and 10+ daily posts. The group is valuable not only for its remote work offers from members, but people also for sharing resources and info about working from home.

            ✔ Remote Work From Home Jobs Worldwide - a public group with 115K members. In the group, you can find valuable resources, create a publication with the type of job you're looking for, and participate in polls.

            ✔ Permanent Work From Home Job. (a public group with 550K members and 10+ posts a day) - Members from this group offer different job types, such as virtual assistants, teachers, customer service jobs, etc.

Facebook Groups for Data Entry Jobs

            ✔ DATA ENTRY JOBS - a public group with 170K members and 10+ posts per day. You will find job postings, fellow freelancers, tips, and discussions for finding a data entry job. The group is an excellent option for both beginners and experienced freelancers.

            ✔ Data Entry Jobs - The group is public and has 127K members and 10 posts a day. The members post available jobs, and interested candidates can connect with them to learn more about the positions. You can also post your info and encourage customers to contact you directly.

            ✔ Data entry Jobs #DataEntryOnlineJobs (a public group with 19K members and 10+ posts daily) - It is a relatively small group but the users are active and there are quite a few opportunities.

Private Facebook Groups for Remote Work

Another option to consider after you have played around with the public groups is joining some of the private ones. This should be the second part of your search as private groups provide benefits that take more time.

Search for a group that is very specific to the type of job you need. For example, if you want a transcriber job, type it in the search field and go through the results.

Private groups can be much safer as their admins are more picky about people they approve of. Most probably the scammers will be less or non-existent in such communities.

Benefits of using Facebook groups to find a job

Facebook groups have numerous benefits for their members. Let's see what they are:

        ☑ You get involved in a setting with people with similar interests - The more you are surrounded by freelancers, companies, and clients, the better you will become in your job search. You will learn and grow together with others. 

        ☑ You learn about the available offers in a relaxed and conversational manner - Having more accessible knowledge in threads and straightforward conversations is convenient, especially if you compare it to the long, complicated, and terminology-flooded job descriptions in a standard job board.

        ☑ Facebook groups can be a source of unique jobs that you will not find elsewhere - Be careful, though. The worst that can happen is that you complete a job and don't get paid. Ensure clear communication about the payment methods and the deadlines.

How and what to send as a private message to a job provider

If you find a job that interests you, you can hover over the name of the person who posted it, and click on "Message". For your convenience, here is a template of a private message for a job offer:
Hi ________ (first name of the person), 
I saw your post about a ______ (type of job) job in the group ________ (name of the Facebook group), and I'm interested to know more. Can you tell me what are the requirements for ______ (ask anything that is not included in the post)?
Be polite but not overly pleasing. Express your interest and confidence in your skills as a freelancer. Clients like to see people who can excellently perform the job. Be that person, and show you are a collaborative and goal-oriented person.

Whatever they respond, be professional and straightforward about your availability, style of work, and knowledge. Strive to be positive, even if you don't have all the necessary qualifications.

How to avoid scammers online

As it is in every aspect of life, scammers will try to reach you and offer you fake job positions. One of the typical schemes they use is to pretend they are related to a known legit remote work company and gain the trust of their victims.

They may direct you to a website that looks very similar to the one of the company, except for the domain name. It is a best practice to conduct additional research on Google to confirm the official website of a company.

If the scammer provided you with a wrong URL address, such as an extra dash or a symbol, you will know he cannot be trusted.

Job scams are a serious issue and many legit companies warn their potential candidates about this on their home pages.

Unfortunately, due to the easy access and account creation on Facebook, many dishonest individuals try to take advantage of the situation.

a phone and a hand touching it with the facebook icon on it to find remote jobs


Facebook groups are one of the many good sources of remote jobs and should be considered for your search. You may find legit companies and land high-paying customers if you take the necessary steps to research the offers.

Although this approach has both advantages and downsides, with the right mindset, you can increase your reach and meet clients and freelancers online. Be wise and use all your options for your future success!

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