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The Value of Working from Home: A Better Understanding

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In this post, I want to address a topic that a lot of people overlook when starting out. And it doesn't matter if the work is in an office, from home or you have your own company for which you are fully responsible.

The question is, do you really appreciate the opportunity you have when you work, or do you take your duties for granted or something annoying that you just have to check off?

value of working from home

If you are one of those people who appreciate what they have, my post will hardly offer you anything new. However, you can still gain from this article because it is a reminder for all of us to value our jobs more.

But if you don't see the value in your work, especially if you work from home, I'm going to share some valuable information about the amazing benefits of remote work in practice, so keep reading.

What exactly does the value of working from home mean?

Let's start very simply - the value of work is what gives meaning and makes it a necessary part of our lives to feel fulfilled. Regardless of the profession, working from home is irreplaceable with its advantages.

And they are many: a quiet environment without colleagues, no commuting to and from the office, potential for higher income, etc.

You've probably already heard about some of these benefits, but the value is more than a collection of benefits.

It is what makes you feel alive, proud of your achievements, and useful to society. Because working is not an activity that benefits only you, but also others.

And when you are on the global stage and have access to projects from international companies, then the impact you have by doing your work is even greater. Pretty inspiring, right?

Value of working from home by occupation

To get an even clearer idea of the remote work value, let's look deeper at the following six occupations:

1. Remote Translator

In this type of work, you can translate websites or various specialized documents. In any case, however, you will help the cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and information.

To be a translator is to assist in understanding between people of different nations and to be an indirect participant in learning from each other.

2. Social Media Evaluator

This is a profession that allows you to improve the experience of thousands of people around the world on social networks. You are valuable because you help separate the quality content from the poor quality.

Depending on the project you are involved in, you can contribute to different goals that a given social media has set for itself. Your work is reflected in the new way social posts are distributed and displayed.

3. Search Engine Evaluator

the official Google Search App displayed on a tablet

A role that has a significant impact on the arrangement and quality of results that online search engines provide. Which sites you access on the first page determines how effective your search is.

This profession allows you to reduce the user's time that he would spend on finding information. Saving the time of millions of people is a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor.

4. Web Developer

Since your job will be related to making websites, you have the potential to create a unique creation that will be visited and used tens of thousands of times a day by different people.

This is work that leaves its mark over time. Even if you change profession at some point, your work will still be visible as long as the site is maintained.

5. Web Designer

You will be able to participate in making the Internet more beautiful. A sense of taste and a good arrangement of elements is a skill that only a fraction of people possess.

If you have a similar type of thinking, you will be able to use it to the fullest by creating unique visions for sites, and advertising posts, and attractively presenting information.

6. Online Transcriber

You will be helping to convert speech into text and accordingly, this information will now be distributed and available in another format. In addition, transcription is also used to improve artificial intelligence.

You will participate in the innovation process by using your skills such as fast computer typing, attention to detail, etc. The profession requires serious concentration, but the benefits of your work will be numerous.

Monetary vs. non-monetary value of working from home

When we talk about value, it doesn't always mean money. As we have seen from the examples above of the types of telecommuting, utility is also essential.

Here are some examples of what the monetary value of working from home is:

        $ saved costs compared to working from an office (for transport, for food, etc.);

        $ higher income potential as you will have access to the global labor market;

        $ lower taxes, since you will practice a free profession.

Non-monetary value is what gives meaning to your work, such as:

        ⇭ The satisfaction of achieving independence and success without external help;

        ⇭ The benefit to the people who use the online services you have worked hard for;

        ⇭ The fact that your footprint remains online, and the benefits of a successful project in which you participated can be preserved far into the future.

Telecommuting provides opportunities for both more financial means and individual value for freelancers. Both are not to be underestimated.

Frequently Asked Questions about the value of working from home

① How does job value affect freelancer productivity?

Here are the facts from an interesting productivity study conducted last year:

Employees believe working from home increases productivity by 7.4%, while managers believe it decreases it by 3.5%.

~ WFH research

What is striking is the divergence of values, and completely. In fact, these percentages are in the opposite direction regarding the impact on productivity.

There is no single answer as to whether or how transferring from the office will increase your value or productivity. But the determining factors are: how much you like your job and whether you see more meaning in your own blogging experience.

A person who tends to work to help others besides himself would be much more productive because his goal is greater and therefore requires more effort.

Over time, being helpful becomes a habit, and the speed of work improves accordingly. When we do the work just because we have to earn our paycheck, then our diligence is minimized and we become more sluggish in completing tasks.

② How does a flexible work schedule affect the value of working from home?

The ability to set your own working hours is a serious asset for those working from home. This type of time allocation gives freelancers the freedom and responsibility to control their own time.

According to a WFH research report with data collected in 2023, flexibility is one of the top three advantages of working from home. It ranks directly after no commute and reduced costs.

The situation in the office is completely different when every single delay - for the start of the day or for returning from a lunch break - affects the attitude towards you. Independence from a strictly defined regime is an incomparable advantage typical of remote work.

③ How does communication within the team and with managers affect the value of working from home?

It's no secret that online and face-to-face communication are quite different. When all information is available in written form, there is less room for misunderstandings and hesitation.

Online, it is much more difficult for emotions to run high and conflicts to arise, as the conversation is slower and sometimes drags on for days until you get an answer to a question.

Clear and courteous communication lowers stress levels and makes you feel valued by the people you work with. It is also the base of a fulfilling lifestyle including little to no pressure from your teammates or direct manager.

a man and a woman discussing the value of their work in front of a laptop

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

When we work, apart from the immediate tasks, it is right to think about the meaning of what we are doing.

Sometimes, during a hard work day, it may seem to you that you are doing the same thing every day, and there is no benefit.

What can help you in such cases is to look at the whole picture, which includes not only you, but also your colleagues, clients, managers, and your company. Try to look at your work from the side and see your contribution to the common good.

Then you will feel valued, and useful and you will see the true value of the work, not the amount you get for it.

It works because you want to get the non-monetary value, not because you have to get the monetary value.

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  1. This article spells out a lot of positive aspects of working from home we often overlook. Also, I had no idea some of these opportunities for working from home were available (e.g. social media and search engine evaluator!).


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