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Working on Christmas as a Freelancer: How to Survive

In this post we'll review what working on Christmas feels like when you are doing it remotely, and focus on helpful tricks to help you get motivated and full of inspiration.

To many people, Christmas is a day for family, friends, and rest. However, some professions like freelancers, consider it one of their duties to continue with their jobs even on Christmas day.

working on Christmas

Although it may be challenging to balance time with your family and Christmas assignments, it is possible to work on Christmas successfully and still have time for celebration. Let's have a look at some survival tips for the holiday season.

Should I Work on Christmas as a Freelancer?

Whether to work on Christmas as a freelancer ought to be given serious consideration since it has many considerations to balance.

Therefore, it is important to think about whether working on such a day makes sense at all if you consider your own situation and what matters most for you.

The mental, emotional, and work-life balance implications and relationship effects are paramount in any decision-making towards spending the holidays.

The financial benefits should be balanced with any sacrifice of personal time or pleasure that will come along.

Finally, deciding to freelance on Christmas requires consideration of personal interests, conditions, and morale, so the selected path leads to harmony in terms of prosperity and satisfaction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working on Christmas as a Remote Worker

There are several pros and cons associated with working from home on Christmas that should be factored in while formulating an opinion regarding this atypical workplace setup.

Benefits of Working on Christmas (Remote Work)

One of the major advantages of Christmas working at home is the fact that it allows maximum flexibility.

Home working offers balance. For example, as opposed to conventional workplaces, you could set your own time, work comfortably, and so on.

Another benefit is the possibility of improving productivity. Away from distractions, individuals can be able to concentrate better and might possibly complete more work within less time when working in a familiar setting.

Furthermore, working at home even on a Christmas day can be used to avoid the traffic rush and fatigue associated with traveling between an employer’s place of business and home during this time of the year.

All these may enhance the overall mental health of individuals because they take more time to rest.

Drawbacks of Working on Christmas Eve

However, we must also look at the flip side of this coin. A possible demerit associated with supplying Christmas work at home could be that people will not enjoy a festive ambiance, which would have added more fun to their work environment and a chance to talk together.

This gives people a chance to share the experience as well as celebrate the holiday in a shared environment, while people who work online at home can lose this possibility.

In addition, it becomes difficult for one to separate between work and home due to the overlap of the areas.

It can lead people to feel overwhelmed or that they are never disconnected from work and have no time for holidays.

Lastly, the effectiveness of working from home on Christmas day is a matter of choice depending on preferences and values.

It may provide flexibility and promote potential productivity gains albeit minus an appropriate ambiance of celebrations and required health borders of the work-life harmony.

Therefore, one should consider the pros and cons of such kind of uncommon work mode before arriving at a verdict about this issue.

Tips to Make the Most of Christmas as a Remote Worker

While most people love Christmas, it can sometimes not be easy to create a festive mood if you work remotely without the proper equipment.

However, there exist some techniques and approaches that one can use for real Christmas feeling embracement and gain maximum benefit from this time for a home office employee.

Planning Ahead

It is important to prepare if you are aware that you will be serving over Christmas day. It also involves preparing meticulously for any festivities which might happen on the eve and day of Christmas.

Therefore, it is advised that one should start communicating on time with one’s family or friends by finding another day to commemorate holidays when free time can adequately be spent enjoying life with others

 In this way, you will ensure that your work duties do not interfere with the time you have dedicated to the celebration.

Bring the Holiday Spirit to Work

Although you may be in a condition to work during a festival, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy the celebrations.

Why not include some Christmas tinsel, a wreath, or twinkling lights in your home office this year to create some seasonal ambiance?

In addition, you can conduct an online Secret Santa exchange whereby staff surprise each other with thoughtful gifts, cards, or just kind messages.

Such acts make your work teammates develop a close relationship as well as bring life into the ordinary routine.

Take Care of Yourself

take care on Christmas

Working on a day such as Christmas may be physically and emotionally draining; therefore you should not forget about your body and soul.

Rest sufficiently before doing so and ensure you bring with you some snacks to take each time you stop to avoid starvation while you work.

Take time out when you need it and attempt to get periods of serenity where possible. You should also keep well-hydrated and take lots of water while at work.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit

Although concentrating on work when your loved ones are having fun can be hard, try to adopt the Christmas spirit at work.

To celebrate, wear a festive outfit or take some Christmas photos that you can share. Some holiday music played in the background will contribute to this festive mood, too.

You may even look for ways of being productive in the office through a festive mood and spreading out goodwill to co-workers.

Connect with Loved Ones

Although your worst situation might be working through a Christmas day, you should not lose contact with your loved ones and friends.

Take advantage of every possible moment for a small break or even idle time to contact, talk, and laugh together with your family and nearest friends to enjoy their presence.

This will create a close connection among you and it assures that you will be a part of their joyous holiday celebrations.

You also take things a notch higher by organizing presents or having a nice Christmas dinner with your friends and family members during break times from your hectic work schedules.

Remember the Importance of Your Work

It cannot be overemphasized how important you are to different types of entities ranging from individuals to society as a whole.

Though balancing attention between professional activities and spending quality time with family can be quite difficult, you should understand and admit that even though the efforts could seem insignificant; they contribute value to the various undertakings in the festive season.

The perseverance you display and the persistence with which you work are greatly honored because they do impact how we conduct ourselves in life and go about carrying out our daily activities.

a pin about how to work on Christmas Eve without trouble


These are practically useful pieces of advice that you can use during the busy time of Christmas and avoid unnecessary stress and pressure.

During this festive period, it should be crucial to care for your own health by setting out some time for yourself.

At the same time, one must with all his heart participate in the magical atmosphere of Christmas which is about love, giving, and thankfulness.

Moreover, always remember that whatever work you do, even if it seems unimportant right now, will shape your life as well as the lives of the people around you.

Finally, as I come to close this message, I take the opportunity to wish every committed global working freelancer a happy holiday. May there be plenty of joy, peace, and prosperity for all of you throughout this holiday season.

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  1. I completely agree that working on Christmas eve is purely based on personal preferences. It is up to the individual to decide.

  2. We don't celebrate Christmas, but the option to take a few days off over the holidays is nice.


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